Where is the 2014 festival venue?

How will the Free Admission tickets be allocated?
> Is there a better way to allocate free tickets?

How can I purchase DVDs of films shown in the festival?

Can the festival be better publicised in future?

How can I stay updated on this and future festivals?

How can I contact the festival?

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1) Gallery Theatre - National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore
93 Stamford Road
Singapore 178897


Limited paid parking is available at National Museum of Singapore. The nearest public carparks are Fort Canning Park, Armenian St (next to Peranakan Museum), YMCA and SMU. Parking is free, after 5pm from Monday to Saturday, and on Sundays, at Fort Canning Park and Armenian St.

Free Admission Tickets

> Please refer to ticketing for the timings of ticket distribution.
> Tickets will be given out at the time as stated unless unforeseen delays occurs.
> Tickets are limited to two per person. Please come early as the free admission films are popular.
> Once seating capacity reaches Full House. No further admission will be allowed.
> The organisers reserved the right to refuse entry.

Is there a better way to allocate free tickets?

There has been numerous feedback over the years on the ticket allocation system employed by the festival. This system has been repeatedly use so as to give everyone who is keen to watch, an opportunity to collect tickets. We thank everyone for their feedback, and do accept that no system is perfect. As we continue to improve to make it a fair for everyone, some of the commonly raised questions include:

Why don't you sell tickets to the free-admission programme?
answer: These films are provided to the festival for cultural purposes and not for commercial use. Hence tickets cannot be sold.

Why don't you implement a booking system?
answer: A booking system without a form of payment is prone to abuse, and may deprive others of tickets which were collected but will not be used for various reasons.

Instead of issuing all tickets before the start of the first session of the day, why don't you only issue tickets prior to the start of each film session?
answer: The festival tries to screen as many films as possible, hence we might end a film 15 min before the next film. A person watching the film before the next session may not be able collect the tickets for the next film if he or she intends to watch it as well.

How can I purchase DVDs of films shown in the festival?

The festival aims to showcase films which are highlights from Japan since the preceding instalment of the festival. As most of these films are only distributed in Japan without English subtitles, it is unfortunate that these films are usually not found on DVDs with English subtitles - unless it has been distributed in United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Korea or Taiwan. International distribution of these films are increasingly rare, and the festival may be the only opportunity to catch these films on the big screen. You may wish to locate these DVDs from overseas stores.

Can the festival be better publicised in future?

The festival is entirely volunteer-organised with limited resources. With the aim of showcasing films, it devotes most of its resources to bringing films to Singapore. It does not purchase advertisements, and media coverage of its events is subject to the discretion of the publishers. We count on our festival supporters and partners to publicise for us. If you wish to aid in our publicity efforts, please contact us through email at media@jpfilmfestival.com

Contact Us

For Singapore Film Society member enquiries, please contact SFS here >>

For festival related matters, if you should have further enquiries,
- email enquiry@jpfilmfestival.com

How can I stay updated on this and future festivals?

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Japanese Film Festival Singapore 2014 | シンガポール日本映画祭 2014 | June 26 to July 12 | National Museum of Singapore